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Employment Rights

Providing support, advice and representation for members only in employment matters.

Personal Injury

Personal injury claims for members and their families with NO deductions from damages.

Legal Advice Line

Free legal advice for members on a range of legal issues

Welcome to UnionLine

UnionLine – Your Trade Union Law Firm

UnionLine was established by the GMB and CWU unions to provide a broad range of legal services to their members. Our aim is to provide the first line of support to members for any legal need.

We provide legal services to members throughout Britain, working with selected specialist panel firm partners to provide local and specialist support for employment and personal injury claims where needed.

We also work closely with union officers to make sure members get the best support from both UnionLine and their union. As well as personal injury and employment claims we also provide advice to members on a broad range
of general legal issues through our legal advice line.

Join A Union

If you are not a member of GMB or CWU you can join by following the links below:

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Coronavirus – COVID-19

Just a brief update on what Unionline is doing in response to the escalating and changing Coronavirus issue. Our intention is to maintain business as usual as far as possible.

Staff Homeworking

In light of latest government guidance our intention is that all Unionline employees will be working from home as soon as possible and certainly by Friday 27th March 2020.

This means that there may be a short delay in getting back to you when you ring in or email. We are endeavouring to make sure we operate as quickly as possible but in these unprecedented times, we are sure you will recognise that we may not be able to respond as quickly as we would like to. If you know your Fee Earners email address then you may find emailing them allows for a quicker response time.

Employer and Employees Responsibilities

Information, guidance and FAQ’s for employers and employees can be found here »


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