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Solicitors are clear choice for drafting wills, Law Society says

November 6 2015

The Law Society has stressed the importance of having a will drafted by a regulated solicitor, following a recent survey which revealed that 95 per cent of people praised the service provided by the solicitors who had written their wills.

In a survey by YouGov, 81 per cent of those who had a will drafted by a solicitor said they were satisfied with the quality of legal advice they were given on the benefits of drafting a will.

Eighty-nine per cent of respondents to the survey said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the explanation of the will writing process they had received.

President of the Law Society, Jonathan Smithers, said: “It is encouraging that the public are beginning to recognise the importance of using a solicitor over an unregulated will writer, and solicitors providing will writing services should be proud of such a positive response.”

The survey also revealed that 55 per cent of respondents had said that all will writers should be regulated.

“We have been calling for the regulation of will writers for several years over concerns regarding the quality of the service that some provide,” Mr Smithers said.

“Solicitors are the clear choice when getting your will drafted. They are qualified, regulated, and insured, and clients of solicitors have access to the Solicitors Compensation Fund should they need it.”

Mr Smithers also said it was important for people to have a will, after the survey revealed 61 per cent of respondents did not have a will, with 42 per cent of those saying the reason for this was “not getting around to it yet”.

“These results are a reminder to the public to stop delaying having a will prepared. Having a will helps ensure that when you die your assets are divided amongst the family, friend and charities of your choice and makes things easier for the loved ones you leave behind,” Mr Smithers said.