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TUC calls for flexible working so football fans can enjoy Euro 2016

June 15 2016

The TUC published new guidance for bosses this week, so that staff may be able to watch games in Euro 2016 during their normal working hours.

With televised games kicking off at various times, many fans working these hours may be affected as with this week’s England vs. Wales fixture at 2pm.

The TUC suggested that bosses speak to their employees in advance about arrangements for key games, by allowing staff to work from home or watch the game on the company’s premises if possible.

The TUC also suggests allowing staff to come in early or later to finish their shifts, and to be as flexible as possible with annual leave requests.

TUC General Secretary, and England supporter, Frances O’Grady said: “Millions of workers around the UK will want to cheer on their national teams in Euro 2016.

“To avoid any problems bosses should talk to their staff and try and let people who want to watch the games do so, either at work or at home – and then claim back their time afterwards.

“Whether it’s about major sporting events like Euro 2016 or picking up the kids from school, allowing people more flexibility in how and when they do their work makes them happier. It cuts absenteeism and raises productivity.”

Wales TUC General Secretary, Martin Mansfield, who will be supporting Wales in their match against England on Thursday, said: “Tournaments like Euro 2016 can be a great chance to build camaraderie at work, with working people running sweepstakes and spending time together.

“It’s important employers do not score an own goal by acting like killjoys.”

Flexible working can have real benefits for businesses and workforces, says the TUC, with many workplaces already offering a system of flexitime to allow staff to arrive and leave early or later in the day.

More than one in five employees in the UK work evenings and weekends, and will also be affected by matches on outside daytime and weekday hours.